The development of science and technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis and digital technologies are changing the panorama of innovation. The article will help you get a better understanding of trends and leading countries in artificial intelligence research and data analysis around the world.

China is at the forefront

China is a typical case with rapid investment in Research and Development.Previously, investment sources were focused on applied research, less than 5% of research and development costs were devoted to basic research in 2013. China has now turned to research and development. Short-term focus on technology.

In the field of artificial intelligence, data analysis that is being heavily invested, with a large amount of data - important for Artificial Intelligencesystems , China can immediately create valuable jobs. High academic as well as great commercial influence. According to analysis of Times Higher Education, China is producing twice as much research on artificial intelligence as the second largest country in research in this area. Between 2011 and 2015, Chinese researchers published more than 41,000 research publications in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Tsinghua University in Beijing spent 750 million USD for research in 2016. Ten years ago, the budget was only 1/10 of this figure. Besides, Thanh Hoa Holdings is investing $ 7.6 billion to support 500 start-up businesses worth about $ 18 million, hoping to establish 1000 nurseries across China.

China is a study abroad destination with great emphasis on developing artificial intelligence training

If Tsinghua University is typical among educational institutions in China, China is not the only country that is thriving to keep up with the new trend.In Korea, both the Korean Advanced Science & Technology Institute (KAIST ) and Seoul National University are rated as the leading universities of innovation in Asia and the Pacific. India is currently planning to establish 7 new research parks and hopes to use the Indian Institute of Technology to promote innovation in research and university-enterprise development.

Enhance cooperation between schools and businesses

Speaking at the 14th annual meeting at Royal Society London, Tan Chorh Chuan, chairman of the National University of Singapore, said: "The context is changing as technology companies are more open to the universities in the innovation, recruitment and utilization of intellectual resources from these schools ”.

Professor Alexander Wong at University of Waterloo, Canada shared: "Currently businesses have quickly adjusted to develop stronger in the field of artificial intelligence. More importantly, businesses are working closely with researchers and universities to assist graduate students in the development of artificial intelligence at amazing speeds. ”

In some countries, including Singapore, the government is now offering incentives to universities and businesses to cooperate in research and development for more sustainable development.

Understanding the opportunities of the new context, many universities are turning to research, focusing on potential areas, especially software development, artificial intelligence and data analysis.
Top 10 research universities for artificial intelligence and data analysis in the world

According to data from Elsevier's Scopus and analysis by Times Higher Education , the leading destination world in research innovation in general and artificial intelligence in particular, including China , US , UK , Japan Edition , Sweden , Singapore , and Hong Kong .

Below are the top 10 ranked schools based on THE world's highest research and citation impact on artificial intelligence research.

Finally, although not in the top 10, Canadahttps://www.hotcourses.vn/canada/ is still considered one of the leading countries in research and application of Artificial Intelligence in life.Professor Alexander Wong, who has experience teaching system design engineering at the University of Waterloo (Canada), said that in recent years, both Western and Eastern countries are focusing on applying Tri applications. Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry, specifically in the auto segment. Accordingly, Waterloo is the first university in Canada to be allowed by the government to test autopilot on public roads. It is also the 11th largest country in terms of citation impact in artificial intelligence research.