Are you in need of inspiration every day to get closer to your dream of studying abroad? Do you want to "take care of your goals" of student life in a city or university you are targeting? So here are the groups of Instagram accounts waiting for you to click "follow"!

#1. Instagram of agencies promoting education abroad

Almost every country has an agency specialized in promoting the study abroad of that country, such as just listening to Campus France , you will immediately think about France. Therefore, in order to receive official information of your favorite destination, you should visit the official website of the agency, then find the organization's link to Instagram.

If you are interested in studying abroad, Study in Sweden is a name not to be missed. Under the corner of Swedish Student Ambassadors , you will be able to "surf" 24/7 information about foreign students' lives at universities around the country.

Also with this orientation, StudyinNewzealand is where you will be exploring Kiwi country through the adventures of international students studying here. The starry sky, the majestic forests or a road trip to Queenstown for the winter festival ... are the pictures you may encounter at this channel.

#2. Instagram of the school

If Instagram of overseas study agencies is quite serious and universal, schools' Instagram will give you a closer look at all that is happening at the campus. Schools are also more creative and witty in posting. Hotcourses Vietnam guarantees, if you follow the school for a while, you will naturally have the feeling of being a "family member" - because any corner of the school will regularly appear on your wall.

The school with the greatest amount of follow-up is Cambridge (cambridgeuniversity page ) with more than 200,000 followers. The lure of the University of Cambridge lies in the proximity of the postings. Today can be a beautiful sunset picture on the campus, tomorrow is goodbye the student guy named Joe, who manages the school's social network - before Joe officially entered public life. Department. Of course, the photos of the Open Day event or the latest school awards and ratings will not be absent.

Across the Atlantic, Page theohiostateuniversity of Ohio State Universitynot to be outdone with 142,000 followers. The most interesting of these days is that you will follow the students' footsteps to all parts of the world during summer vacation. Occasionally, the school posted a picture of a group of friends checking-in a certain place, with a unique OHIO shaped arm.

At the end of the school year, Arizona State University (arizonastateuniversity ) Instagram manager had time to take you to visit the art works on campus, or follow the footsteps of students sailing in Havasu Lake.

The most envious of this time is probably the students of universities in Australia and New Zealand. From page ouranu of the National University of Australia to page ucnz of the University of Canterbury , p autuni ofAuckland University of Technology , universityofotago of the University of Otago , you will easily catch sight of golden autumn romantic forests, lakes water, park ... near the campus.

# 3. Instagram walks around cities

Studying abroad also means coming to a brand new city where you may not know anyone there. So why not be familiar with the pace of city life right now, by watching indigenous people?

Almost every major city in the world has an official Instagram page.London has a channel with its name with more than 2 million followers.Amsterdam is still constantly updating the best views to romantic canals onamsterdam_gram . Sydney is no less than the nearly half a million followers of Instagram channel.

Besides, there are also individuals that only need to mention their names, global Instagramers can tell which city walls take them.

Sam Horine is a "native" of New York. With only an iPhone in hand, this handsome photographer will lead you to the deepest neighborhoods and sights "big apple city".

VuTheara Kham ( vutheara ) from Paris is a fairytale storyteller every day, with beautiful images of architecture, culture and life of the city where anyone wants to set foot once in his life. .
You still do not know where you want to go to school? WatchBreakcitybreaks now, maybe the answer is waiting for you after a series of inspirational photos about cities around the world updated on this page every day.

# 4. Instagram of seniors

Maybe you are not going to study at the schools or disciplines they are pursuing, but it's okay, these students will help you get a clearer view of the path you are about to enter.

Caroline Calloway will not only help you to immerse yourself in the dream-success of a foreign student at Cambridge University, but also, allow you to read a book written by Caroline herself about life. students, about learning experiences and about her love story with Oscar neighbor who later became her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Charlie Barker, a student at East London University, will tell you about a colorful showbiz world in London. With a series of fashion-related major posts and models in one of the world's fashion capitals, she currently attracts more than 500 million followers on her Instagram.

And if you like to listen to stories by many people instead of watching a single individual, the mitstudents site is an interesting address. Over here, you will get closer to student life at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under a multidimensional perspective. Every week, the Instagram channel will be managed by a different student. This week, Talia, Math and Computer Science students will take you to Israel for her internship.

What does Talia tell about the school Instagram? The sights she visited during the conference with MIT, the cats on Tel Aviv streets and the specialties they had a chance to taste. It sounds so cool, isn't it, miam miam.

# 5. Hotcourses Vietnam Instagram

Last but not least is Hotcourses Vietnam Instagram channel.

Besides the website www.hotcourses.vn with the course and school search tool in the world's top study destinations, Hotcourses Vietnam Fanpage is the place to update useful articles to share studying abroad experiences. useful, the Hotcourses Vietnam Instagram plays a role in sharing positive messages about studying abroad. In the coming time, Hotcourses Vietnam Instagram will ignite the desire to study in the world, through images closer to the life and dream destination.

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Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has quickly become one of the most loved social networks, with a current membership of more than 700 million - equivalent to 32% of Internet users (including up to 59% of the 18-29 age group). These attractive numbers are the reason more and more agencies and universities look to Instagram to promote their image. Are you currently following an interesting Instagram page? Share it with Hotcourses Vietnam right below!