Must see firsthand the magnificent architecture of the buildings and the new campus can feel the huge scale of European educational monuments. Recent Times Higher Education Student has conducted a number of studies and published a list of universities with unique architecture and the best green spaces in Europe.

1. University of Bologna, one of the most beautiful universities in the world (Italy)
Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna in Italy is considered the oldest university in the world still in operation.

Palazzo Poggi, one of the main buildings of the school, is a group of 3 museums, which are often used to hold exhibitions about natural history, anatomy, obstetrics and physics - chemistry. The number of buildings is on campus so much that you will need to make a list to visit if you don't miss it. The most typical of them is Collegio di Spagna - a pink and secluded building, combined by two styles of medieval and Renaissance architecture.Moreover, Bologna University also owns a 2-hectare botanical garden.

2. The University of Salamanca, the Spanish school of architecture in Spain

The oldest university in Spain and ranked 3rd among the oldest schools in the world, University of Salamanca, was founded in 1134. This is the first school to offer courses for students. foreign. The school is famous for Baroque architecture, and the library is home to the most Baroque style of the campus with beautiful walls, attracting many students and visitors.Legend has it that students who find a frog-shaped statue hiding on their walls will easily pass the exam. The Old City of Salamanca - home to the school's buildings - has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage (UNESCO).

3. Coimbra University is at the top of the Portuguese hill

Founded in 1290, Portugal's Coimbra University is set atop a hillside with views over the city bearing the same name as the school. "University City" is a former royal palace of Alcáçova. This charming white building is also home to the clock tower - one of the school's most recognizable symbols.Some of the school's well-known buildings include Santa Cruz Cathedral and the Joanine Library, the dream destination of Baroque architectural art followers. Sao Miguel Chapel is also a colorful masterpiece decorated with magnificent roof tiles that combine beautiful ceilings to the point where you will constantly have to look back.

4. Rostock University, a Gothic style university icon in Germany

Rostock University is one of the oldest universities in Germany. The school's Gothic buildings are built around two romantic tree-lined streets. In the center of the campus is an eye-catching building located opposite the park and fountain, an ideal place for students and visitors to stop admiring the beauty of the outside of the building. Experiencing the zoological area nearby is equally interesting, and besides, the city seaport is also a popular place for students and supporters along the Baltic coast.

5. Modern beauty of Aarhus University, Denmark

Aarhus University is located in Denmark's second largest city, the school is covered with a cool blue eye that stretches from the campus to the lake. The school is a perfect example of harmony between buildings and the natural environment. This is demonstrated through the school's central building. To feel the youth of the school, you can find the buildings designed by Danish architect CF Møller with modern, dynamic design. Møller and his two associates Kay Fisker and Povl Stegmann were in charge of building outstanding yellow brick buildings, and Aarhus University's main building is considered one of the 12 most important buildings in the calendar. Danish history.

6. Gdansk Technical University with prominent stone main face, Poland

The Gdansk Technical University campus is combined by a variety of architectural styles. The main building was designed in the new Renaissance in the Netherlands, and the building is one of the school's most recognizable buildings. The main facade of the building has a stone structure, which is a frequently used material for buildings associated with education.

In the campus there are many symbols and stone statues, such as the statue of the owl (symbol of wisdom and wisdom) placed in the guard room, the statue of the lion holding the badge of Gdansk ...

7. Roman architecture school in Sweden, Uppsala University

The main house of Uppsala University was designed by architect Herman Teodor Holmgren in the way of the Robot. The school was built in 1880 and most of the buildings here still retain their architectural style from the beginning.

The inside of the buildings is covered by many beautifully designed motifs such as square floors, marble statues, decorative arches and brilliant chandeliers. The main building is the place used to teach and organize prestigious academic events. Along the magnificent buildings, the school also favors taking part of the campus to the natural world, including the botanical gardens, Linnaeus gardens, and Linnes Hammarby. The campus is also home to Sweden's only humid tropical rainforest located in a greenhouse.

8. University of Grenoble Alps, France, the school is adjacent to the Alps

There are not many University campuses owning 3 rows of mountains as part of the campus, but Grenoble Alpes University has it. Located in the city of Grenoble in France, the school is adjacent to the Alps and possesses a wonderful view.

With this advantage, the school encourages students to picnic and breathe fresh mountain forest air in 1,75 hectares of forest with extra-curricular activities organized all year round. When you no longer want to see the mountain scenery, you can reach the modern buildings of the school.

9. Trinity Dublin University, Republic of Ireland

Taking pictures of Oxford University and Cambridge University, Trinity Dublin University was founded in 1952. The combination of cobblestone walking paths, emerald green grass and ants with gems 18th century architecture made Trinity University an ideal place to study. You cannot leave the school without once visiting the "Long Room" at Trinity University's Old Library, which has a walkway along marble marbles, recreating the names of philosophers, The best writer ....

With these charismatic features, it is no surprise that Trinity University buildings are used as the backdrop for many films including the film Educating Rita, and the series. Bollywood movies.

10. Lomonosov Moscow, Russia

The main building of the University of Lomonosov Moscow National University is higher than the other buildings on the campus, with an impressive height of 240m with a 57m tower and a 5-pointed star figure weighing 12 tons. The building has 33km, 5000 and long corridors. Huge pink - white structure becomes a symbol of the school and this always feels like holding something mysterious when the inside of the building is not allowed to open for people to visit. . Around the campus is a particularly beautiful green area in the spring when flowers bloom. The entrance to the building is a transparent lake adorned with a small fountain.

Our excursion is temporarily over, but if you've ever enchanted beautiful campuses on movies and novels, why not chant the dream of studying in beautiful schools as in "legends. "From today?