One of the lands with the oldest and most popular culinary tradition in France is Brittany. And for me, every experience of discovering Bretagne specialties is associated with strange encounters.

In the second year in France, I moved to Saint-Brieuc city, the name that my Vietnamese friends asked when they were asked, was there no one could use it on any corner of the French map. This small coastal town is actually located in the Brittany region, in the northwest and adjacent to the English Channel.

 And the land of Bretagne is famous with pancakes (crêpe), which has brought me many interesting culinary experiences.

Talk a little bit about the culture of Bretagne. Once an independent territory, separate from the land governed by the old French king, Bretagne went through many wars and conflicts to be ultimately governed by the French king to become a kingdom. Best. Since ancient times Bretagne region has its own language, called Breton, nowadays, this language is disappearing in the daily social life, but sometimes on the signs or signs you can still caught this language.

Besides crêpe cakes, mentioning French Bretagne cuisine will think of three specialties that are the pride of this region: galette sausage, caramel and cider. In addition, the city we are in and neighboring provinces are also famous for fresh scallops seafood and of course expensive compared to other foods.

First, I will stimulate your taste buds with Galette sausage. This is a dish similar to crêpe but salty. The outer round cake is thinly coated to look like crêpe, but made of black wheat flour. Usually at galette stalls, the crust will be made, the owner will bake the sausage, melt the cheese, then roll the cake when the guests arrive. Such a cake costs an average of 2.5 euros. If you live near a market place, don't rush to eat in the morning - just go to a mobile shopping cart to buy a galette and have a nice drink while walking around the market.

The second dish I treat you today is salted butter. Bretagne region is very famous for this type of avocado. I don't eat much but during the meal of a French friend who is in the same house, I never miss. She has a small buttery container, when I see the box go away, there is already a different package of butter in the refrigerator. She said that it is difficult to find butter in this area because there are only a few types of butter in the supermarket, while salted butter is spoiled for choice.

I still remember in the morning when she treated me to the crêpe fried with salted butter (and even though I knew it was going to be late, I still stayed there to enjoy the fragrant cake). The process will take place in this sequence: Turn the pan on hot for a few tens of seconds, put in the pan a slice of salted butter just cut, then shake the round butter for overflowing pan and wait for the butter melted, and last The same is a crêpe layer on the pan until the crispy hot cake is slightly scorched. Smell of melted butter keeps scenting sweet, making the flavor of fat beetle, the salty flavor of the cake is even more attractive, especially when next to it is a cup of steaming coffee. And you know, also from this salty butter, you can make many other typical dishes like butter cookies (palets Bretons), butter rolls and Caramel too!

Yes, it is the caramel, and not any caramel but caramel of the Bretagne region with a medium brown color, often sticking to the face of the knife when spread on toast. The mixture of butter, sugar when you first took a little to taste, finished adding a little more to enjoy the taste, the third time you thought it would be great but just finished the piece still want to give more. Basically we have an undeniable love for sweetness, and everyone wants to give a little sweetness to life.

And the most impressive thing to me from the cuisine of Bretagne is cider (Cidre). The first time I knew about this drink was thanks to the badminton competition with my French friend. The reward for the badminton competition that day consisted of butter biscuits, cider, caramel and ... a pillow of the pillow (perhaps to help me feel more comfortable after watching for cidre?)

The first impression of cider is that it ... aromatic apple flavor (of course, hehe). The wine is slightly dark yellow, and it is not too heavy to drink lightly, and it is not too heavy, suitable for meetings with friends - sipping with a few pieces of potato chips and peanuts.

These intimate conversations are an indispensable culture of the French in general and the students in particular (French called "apéro"), but I will tell you about the apéro culture on another occasion ok It is enough for me to go for a walk today, go to exercise!