If you are a passionate about history and have a dream of studying in the history of the most prestigious universities in the world, you will not be able to ignore the list of top 10 World History training schools in 2018 of QS .Besides the track record, the top schools in the history group also have many surprising and interesting historical facts.

 10. The University of Chicago (USA) owns 89 Nobel prizes

The University of Chicago was founded in 1890 with the aim of providing courses for people regardless of region or gender. This year, the school ranked 10th in the world's best university group for history students.

Although only considered a "young" university compared to many other major universities in the world, the University of Chicago has accumulated a number of admirable Nobel prizes, primarily in the economics and physical. One of the winners is Albert A. Michelson, who holds the title as the first American to win a Nobel Prize in science. His achievements include breakthrough improvements in measuring the speed of light. Since then, many university lecturers, scholars, students and other alumni have achieved the most prestigious international titles in their field of expertise.

9. The flag of Princeton University (USA) was placed on the moon

Princeton University was founded in 1746 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA before being transferred to Princeton in 1756. In addition, it is also the lowest tuition university in all Ivy League schools, for only $ 47,140 each year in 2018.

Like other top universities, Princeton University also produced many excellent student generations. Typically, astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad (graduated in 1953). He was the third person to walk on the moon in November 1969 and was also the first to carry the Princeton flag here.

8. The mysterious movement of the lost sphere at Columbia University

Located in bustling New York City, Columbia University is home to more than 32,000 students from the United States and around the world. The school was founded in 1754 as King's College under King George II of England. This is the oldest university in New York State and ranked 5th in the US.

Among the most special anecdotes of the school, the fact that the giant ball at the center of the campus suddenly disappeared mysteriously in one day in 1946. Many people thought it was destroyed. cancel. However, 60 years later, this sphere reappeared in western New York, on a field near Ann Arbor. Very little evidence has been found of the school-field link in Michigan. Moreover, an inscription engraved on the ball says: wait until now, time will come. It is so magical, isn't it?

7. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali visited London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

London's School of Economics and Political Science ( LSE ) ranks seventh among the world's best universities for history study in 2018. The school was founded in 1895 with initially only three rooms located at No. 9 street John Adam. In October of the same year, 200 students were enrolled at the school and by 1896, the school was transferred to larger locations at 10 Adelphi Terrace.

For decades, LSE was honored to welcome many veteran characters to school. In November 1931, Mahatma Gandhi spoke to LSE students at the University's Old Theater. 40 years later, in October 1971, on the same lecture hall, boxing legend Muhammed Ali interacted with LSE students in boxing, black power and politics. Six years earlier, on February 18, 1965, Malcolm X also had an interesting speech at the big theater, the day before his assassination.

6. Yale University is the first US university to have a mascot, a bull dog named "Handsome Dan".

Yale University (ranked sixth in the 2018 history group) originated in the 1640s when colonial clergy established a local educational institution to preserve the European tradition of liberal education in the world. new gender. The institution officially became Yale University in 1718. The school was named after the Welsh merchant, Elihu Yale - who had donated nine large packages, 417 books and a portrait of the King. George I.

There is a tradition started by an English boy who attended the school in the 1890s. "Handsome Dan" is a bull dog that is considered the school's athletic mascot. Each successful sports character in the school will be honored to represent a "Handsome Dan" and will be replaced until retirement or death.So far, Yale University is proud to have 18 generations of "Handsome Dan", from the principal, director and coach. They even appeared on the cover of national magazines!

5. Until 1930, Stanford college students did not have to pay tuition

Stanford University was founded in 1885 by Governor, California Senator Leland Stanford and his wife. The school was built to commemorate their only child, Leland Jr. - 15-year-old child died of typhoid.

Stanford University is a private university known for its academic reputation. The first students to study in college did not have any financial barriers, because until 1930, the Stanford couple decided that because they could no longer do anything for their children - "California's children will be our children."

4. Revolting students and underground steam tunnels at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB, USA)

Founded in 1868, University of California, Berkeley (UCB) is the number one public university in the world. QS ranked 4th in the list of 2018 best universities in the world for history training.

When the Freedom of Speech Movement first started in 1964 at UCB, a prodigy here launched a fierce struggle for civil rights to protest the Vietnam War. The protests broke out against one of the Prime Minister's policies. With no other way to escape, the prime minister desperately connected a series of underground steam tunnels built in the early 1900s together. Moreover, after the commotion, the outer double door was lost on one side by rebellious students and it remains the same until now.

3. Misbehavior of naughty nerd students at Cambridge University

It is no surprise that Cambridge University ranked 3rd on the list. The school was founded by a group of scholars who had a lot of problems from Oxford University and was commissioned a royal charter by King Henry II in 1231.

The wrong behavior in Cambridge sounds incredible but it is true. The Night Climbers of Cambridge is a famous term mentioned by past writers and contemporary writers to refer to Cambridge students who will climb the walls of the city and are not afraid to do enough. spooky game. Back in the 1920s, this university was home to a secret club called the Alpine Association. Only students who have climbed through the gates of every Cambridge university school when it is dark are allowed to participate.

This glorious anecdote will surely surprise many people about the world's fourth oldest school.

2. Oxford University created Cambridge University (UK) in the context of controversy

Located in the historic city of Oxford with the famous gothic architecture, this school is the premise for many forms of education since the beginning of 1096, but it was not until the 12th century that Oxford University was officially recognized in education. In particular, in 1167, King Henry II forbade British students from studying at the University of Paris - a decision that led to an increase in the number of students and teachers at Oxford University.

One event to mention is that the fierce conflict erupted between the students and the city people because of the long tension, leading to the notorious Town and Gown riots. Also because of this event, some students left Oxford town to Cambridge to establish their own learning organization named Cambridge University! The competition between Oxford and Cambridge began from there until today.

1. Harvard University is not always an example of gender equality

Harvard University continues to lead the history in the QS rankings by academic discipline in 2018. Founded in 1636, the school has a track record of being "chosen to send gold" by academia.

Today, Harvard University is known to be a strong champion of gender equality and LGBTQ rights. However, things are not always like that. You will be surprised to learn that in fact, women are not welcome to study here until 1920 - nearly 300 years since the establishment of the school.