6 Reasons Trailer Manufacturers Use (and Love) Genius ERP

For more than three decades, Genius ERP has worked closely with custom manufacturers across North America, helping them simplify their operations and improve their productivity.


The Genius team is made up of manufacturing experts who know what can take transportation equipment manufacturing to the next level. Since many of our customers come from the trailer and transportation industry, we have worked with this group of manufacturers to improve our ERP system to include features that trailer manufacturers need. Our ERP system gets results right out of the gate and gives trailer manufacturers the tools they need to cut costs and grow their business.


Genius ERP will help you work faster — and smarter — to increase your production capacity and become more efficient by giving you a complete view of your operations. With Genius, you will be better organized, more systematic and you will deliver more products on time while respecting your budget. “It’s so much more than a computer system,” says Erin McClain, administrator at Raglan Industries, a custom trailer manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada, and a long-time Genius ERP customer. “It is an improvement in our operational processes. »


6 Reasons Trailer Manufacturers Use Genius ERP

1, Planning

Any bespoke fabricator knows that planning can be a nightmare for a busy production floor working on complicated bespoke projects. But, thanks to decades of experience working with custom trailer builders, Genius ERP can create a plan for your shop that is both useful and accurate. From building the frame to final assembly, fabrication and painting, Genius can create an easy-to-follow plan. Not only does it help you stay organized and on track, but it can also give you deadlines, allowing you to give more accurate delivery dates to your customers.


Genius includes advanced tools for production floor planning. He can also plan your workstations, your employees, the required parts and the tools according to your bill of materials in addition to your actual workload and your capacity. With Genius ERP, you'll be able to align your entire shop floor and ensure everyone is working on the right priorities at the right time.


2, Project costing

Knowing which projects are profitable and which are not is a significant challenge for trailer manufacturers. With so many variables in play—from fluctuating raw material prices, like steel, to the amount of labor required for complicated custom projects—it's hard for trailer manufacturers to know which projects are the most profitable.


Genius ERP gives custom fabricators a complete view and connectivity in addition to real-time data you can use to cost projects. A fully integrated ERP system lets you track project costs throughout the production process and assign the correct costs to each project in your shop. With Genius ERP, you can track standard, average and actual costs as well as analyze profitability by job, project or contract. This information gives you a better idea of where you're making money — and where you're not — and will help you decide which projects are worth doing to increase your profits.


3, Product Configurator

Genius ERP's Product Configurator tool is one of the most sought-after features of our ERP system — and a tool that can give you a leg up on your competition. Our intuitive and easy-to-use Product Configurator can help you configure a bespoke trailer from A to Z.


The Product Configurator is a powerful tool that allows you to reduce the knowledge and time required to create quotations and sales orders. With this tool, your sales team can access a list of configurable products, options and visual aids to create a complete and accurate quote for your customers. This will allow you to determine the right selling prices to ensure that you make a profit. If your product is 100% configurable, no further engineering action is required to start production. Genius will automatically create a fully detailed BOM.


Without the Product configurator, trailer manufacturers rely on spreadsheets to configure a product and create a BOM. Not only does Genius automate this time-consuming process, but its built-in tools can also automatically tell you what raw materials and materials are in stock and what you need to buy to complete the trailer. Genius can either purchase these products for you or send you notices and reminders to tell you what needs to be purchased to complete the project.


4, Complete supervision and view

Genius ERP gives you a real-time portrait of your production floor to allow you to continuously monitor, control and fine-tune your workshop in order to increase its efficiency. With Genius, you can manage every aspect of every job and balance changing priorities with a fully integrated and connected system.


Using our dashboards, reports, and real-time data, you can get a complete overview of your operations, ensuring your employees are working on the right priorities and growing your business. Real-time data allows you to assess workstation performance and availability as well as overall system performance in addition to tracking task progress, monitoring timesheets, and managing costs of each project in your workshop and on the job site. You'll also be able to detect bottlenecks and see problems earlier — before they escalate and cause delays in your delivery dates.


5, Inventory management

Our ERP inventory management system will monitor your inventory down to the lowest serial number to give you an accurate count of your inventory, every minute of every day. With Genius ERP, you can track your inventory needs, control your costs, and replenish inventory based on actual project requirements with our simple, fully integrated system. To prevent production interruptions and eliminate unexpected stock shortages, you will always know what quantities of each item are in stock, reserved for projects, in production and on order.


Genius ERP also comes with a recommended replenishment tool that tells you when you need to repurchase materials and parts, so you never run out of stock again. Our replenishment tool will identify potential shortages based on real-time inventory, scheduled delivery dates and required dates for items based on your in-production orders. It will notify you when it's time to order more items and allows you to combine shopping lists from multiple orders to simplify the shopping process.


6, Warranty follow-up

Trailer manufacturers can also manage warranties through Genius ERP. Easily coordinate and manage service calls and warranty claims with our system to streamline communications, making it easier for you and your dealers to service your products and keep your customers happy.


You can also track warranty information and issues through Genius. So, if you see that the same problem occurs often, you can go to your engineering and production departments to settle the case and reduce your warranty problems.